Taking care of your Scribes

Your shoes need more than an occasional polish, says Teo van den Broeke.
Here’s how to care for your Scribes to keep them looking after you

Bally Scribe

If you’re planning to buy some seriously beautiful footwear, you should be prepared to make a proper investment in the care of your shoes. Unlike your clothes – which will remain in good nick so long as you treat them to an occasional steam, a good airing and some essential moth prevention – your shoes are easily the most hardworking things in your wardrobe, and therefore require some proper TLC. Your Scribes are no different. The most important thing to remember is that the French calf leather used to make your shoes is a natural product and will therefore dry out if not tended to properly.

To get started, place your shoes onto their shoe trees (the moisture that occurs naturally in wooden trees, incidentally, will help prevent the leather of your uppers from cracking) and treat them to a proper dusting using a light boot brush – paying close attention to the nooks and crannies around the stitching.

Once your shoes are dust-free, you need to give them an intense cleanse. Dampen a soft shoe cloth with a generous dose of cleansing milk and apply gently, in a circular motion being sure to pay extra attention to the creases in the upper caused by walking. The only negative thing about cleaning your shoes in this manner is that the process will inevitably remove a couple of the multiple layers of polish which have built up over time. Using a second cleaning cloth – never the same one as you use for cleansing – apply a hefty dose of polishing wax in a shade darker than your shoes (to avoid highlighting creases) and work the wax into the leather on the upper, tongue, sole and heel.

Bally Scribe

Next up: polishing and weatherproofing. Add a dose of wax polish in a blue shade for dark shoes, a dark red for brown or neutral for anything else and apply before leaving to dry. Once dry, use a dauber brush (which looks a bit like an oversized toothbrush) to polish the shoes. It is the final step, however, which is the most satisfying. Using another soft cloth, which has been dampened with a touch of polishing wax and some cold water, vigorously rub the mixture into the shoes until you achieve the sort of lustrous shine you can see your reflection in. Oh, and always remember to store your shoes in a dust bag, shoe trees snug within.

Bally’s Scribes are made to be worn day in and day out, so you’ll be pleased to learn that Bally offers a full ‘Scribe Refresh Service’, a facility that enables customers to have the heels and outer soles of their shoes replaced; the uppers of their shoes brushed, cleaned and finished; the inner socks and laces replaced and – in some extreme circumstances – the entire lining of the shoe re-fitted.

Bally Scribe

The service takes between eight and 12 weeks and by the time you get them back, you’ll have an entirely new pair of shoes on your feet – that’s if you’ve resisted the urge to buy another beautiful pair first.

And if there’s an emergency and all else fails, contact your in-store Bally Shoe Specialist who knows everything there is to know about a Scribe.

You’ll thank us when you’re still wearing your Scribes in 30 years time.