The Paper Artwork of
The Art of Gifting Campaign

Studio Marianne Guély's artwork conjures a magical Swiss landscape
for the festive season

The Art of Gifting #1

A dream of winters past. Of those imagined, idealized times when forests of pine bow their branches, heavy with pure white snow and a frozen landscape stretching into an infinite horizon.

Creatively reimagining the winters of Bally's native Switzerland, the Paris-based artist Marianne Guély and her team conjured the magic of this festive time of year in the delicate imagery of The Art of Gifting campaign. “I was trying to capture the mood of what it feels like to walk in the snow,” explains Guély, “and the silence and solitude emanating from the beautiful and unique natural scenery of Bally’s home country.”

The Art of Gifting #2

From its crisp, white mountains to crinkled clouds and delicately folded pine trees, the scene is fully realized in paper, the material of choice at Studio Marianne Guély. For many of us, apart from the occasional origami swan or paper plane, the possibilities of paper don't go much further than scribbled notes or doodles in the margins. But for Guély, her paper creations have adorned the staircases of Parisian opera houses, the lobbies of luxury hotels and acted as the centerpiece of global events, demonstrating that this delicate material need not be restrictive.

“The approach I take to most of my work has always been that of a sculptor,” says Guély. “For me, there is no question of paper confining me with its limitations. One can cut, perforate, fold, crinkle, print or emboss it, and yet it still retains its varied qualities.” The Art of Gifting campaign demonstrates the versatility of the medium, but for Guély, no matter the technique used, paper will always contain its own innate magic: be the paper smooth, soft or textured, it brings with it a certain poetry, a femininity and an acoustic element–sometimes even fantasy.

The Art of Gifting #3

Guély’s fantastical backdrops may be viewed in select stores this holiday season and online at